5 Tips for Staying Safe During Black Friday Sales

Protecting yourself when shopping online on Black Friday is crucial! Here are 5 tips for staying safe during Black Friday sales!

As the excitement around the most popular shopping days Black Friday and Cyber Monday grows, it is not just riotous shoppers you need to protect yourself from. There are the cybercriminals who are also sneaking around making attempts to attack the shoppers.

Black Friday is known as one of the most popular days for shopping. It is the day when sellers and retailers sell their products for a bargain and extremely low prices. Cyber Monday, on the other side, refers to the deals available to online buyers only.

All discounts and promotions are kept secret until the day and time come when you can spend your money on electrical products, technology, clothing, jewelry, home decor, toys, and lots of other things. The spend over Black Friday and Cyber Monday is outrageous.

Regardless of the excitement and the joy this day brings, you need to keep in mind that the criminals are waiting with a variety of scams, specially designed to trick shoppers in the hype of discounts, promotions, and sales.


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Don’t worry, as we are here to help! We are going to present you 5 tips that will help stay safe during Black Friday sales:

  1. Watch out for fake and unreliable websites - The cyber criminals can easily create sites that look just like the official websites of your favorite retailers and brands. But, once a payment is made, you may receive a product that doesn’t match the description. This scam usually happens with smartphones bought online. The quality of these websites may vary - from sites with grammatical errors to very accurate websites. Pay attention and be careful!
  2. Pay by credit card - If something goes wrong, the credit cards can offer you a protection, especially if you use PayPal. When it comes to the Bank transfers, it is usually unlikely to be refunded. If a website asks you to make a bank transfer to complete the buying transaction, keep in mind that it may be a fake website.
  3. Make sure the website you are using is 100% secure - Remember to never purchase anything from a website that doesn’t have “HTTPS” at the beginning of the domain name or the URL. The letter S stands for secure. Also, look for greed padlock to the left of the search browser. If the padlock is not on the page, the site may be a fake one.
  4. Avoid shopping on public Wi-FI - Even though Internet hotspots provided by libraries, coffee shops, and malls may be convenient, please keep in mind that they are also vulnerable and not safe. It doesn’t take a lot of skills for a cyber criminal to hack into a certain internet network and access your private details. If you are purchasing online, make sure to use your own 3G or 4G network.
  5. If you think you are a victim of a scam or fraud - act quickly - If you have purchased something online and you’ve realized that you are a victim of a scam or a fraud, make sure to act fast. Call your bank immediately and explain to them what happened. Try to convince them to stop the payment. The sooner you react, the more chance you have to get your money back.


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We hope these 5 tips will help you enjoy Black Friday and the various discounts, deals, and promotions it offers! Remember to protect your personal information, use credit cards (PayPal if possible, and shop from secure websites only!


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